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Theme Launch: "The Mythic"

We are very happy to announce the theme for the Chronicle's 50th anniversary, and 2023-2024 Issue, "The Mythic!" Due for release at the tail end of Easter Term 2024, this year's issue marks 50 years of student journalism at Lucy Cavendish College.

The theme of "The Mythic" invites us to open our eyes and consider the role that myths and fiction play in our lives - as motivators and guides but, when analysed in an institutional or academic context, as an arguable smokescreen for accountability and long-term change.

We have a fantastic selection of articles due for release with wide-ranging subjects like the 'politics of affect' within Cambridge, false medical myths harming people of colour, Cambridge's architectural mythos alongside a variety of other contributions. Keep your eyes peeled for updates about articles and our variety of fantastic creative submissions (illustration, poetry, short story and multimedia are a few examples). To close, here's a brief note from our Editor-in-Chief: The theme of The Mythic is one that I'm really proud to have worked on for the last two terms as a team. Everyone, from our writers and section editors, to creative contributors, have already done fantastic work bringing this theme to fruition. I can't wait for the Lucy student community to be able to consume and celebrate this work! I'm also particularly proud that this 23-24 edition marks the 50th Anniversary of student journalism at Lucy Cavendish College. It's been an honour so far!


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