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Our Team

Senior Editors
Editor-in-Chief: Joseph Short
Senior Editor: Flora Park
Creative Lead: Madeleine Caso

Politics and Society
Section Editor: Sara Hashmi
Section Writer: Elsie McDowell
Science and Technology
Section Editor: Pritthijit Nath
Section Writers: Corrine Kola-Balogun and Stavroula Piliou
Culture and Arts
Section Editor: Ziyana Kotadia
Section Writers: Jessica Pabon and Gabrielle Brittain

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Check out our 2022-2023 Issue, 'Boundaries'!

Get a quick view of our latest issue in the slideshow below or come read the full online magazine here. 

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"Not every illness is visible," emphasises Emily. She admits initially being frustrated by others for not wearing masks, which could put many vulnerable people at risk. But with many supportive friends and family by her side, she has grown to accept this new reality."

Quote from 'The Forgotten Students', Issue 2023. Read now!

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