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About Us

The Cavendish Chronicle is a student-run magazine now in its 50th year of operation, albeit under a different name. The original college newspaper, 'Lucely Speaking', began publication in 1973-1974,  12 years before Lucy was even granted status as a Cambridge college.

Throughout the years the magazine, under its varying leadership and forms of publication (termly vs annually), has stood the test of time as a record of the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and voices of students at the college.

The current Managing Team at the Chronicle (23-24), Joe Short (Editor in Chief), Flora Park (Senior Editor) and Madeleine Caso (Creative Lead) are massively proud of the growth the magazine has undergone, boasting a team of over 20 contributors, whether they be writing articles, contributing illustration or boosting our social media presence.

Look forward to our 2023-2024 issue, "The Mythic", pending release in Easter Term 2024.

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Check out our 2022-2023 Issue, 'Boundaries'!

Get a quick view of our latest issue in the slideshow below or come read the full online magazine here. 

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"Not every illness is visible," emphasises Emily. She admits initially being frustrated by others for not wearing masks, which could put many vulnerable people at risk. But with many supportive friends and family by her side, she has grown to accept this new reality."

Quote from 'The Forgotten Students', Issue 2023. Read now!

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